How to Learn Russian for Any Level

I hope you want to learn the Russian language because now you are in the right place where you will know the answer «how to learn Russian language«. As an English learner, I know what problems you could have on the way to getting a new language.

So be sure you can learn Russian Language free and through the easiest way. The best way to learn a new language use fairytales and stories. This is not my method or idea, I learned and still trying to improve my English with this method. It’s fast, free and interesting.

How to Learn Russian Fast and Free

how to learn russian

Before we will start to learn something, I wanna ask you to read carefully a few important tips. These few steps can save your TIME, MONEY, and your WISH to learn the language. Below you can find the list of tips that can work not only with the Russian Language, but you can also copy them and use them for achiving other goals of your life.

These tips for people who:

  • Wants to learn live language;
  • Likes to learn through stories and audios;
  • Hates grammar rules;
  • Doesn’t like to read grammar books.

These tips are NOT for people who:

  • Want to spend lots of years studiyng;
  • Thinks the grammar books are the best way to learn a new language;
  • Doesn’t want to spend time for study.

If you want to get a fluent level after 3 months, I want to be honest with you, this article is not for you.

About me.

i will help you learn russian

Just wanna share with you a few sentences about who I am. I am Russian, was born in Russia, and lived in Russia until 22 years old. So I know the real Russian language from the streets.

I started to learn English many times and always I had the same bad experience. I bought many books, I tried to memorize grammar rules. For ME it doesn’t work. Books and rules are boring for me!

After 2 years of trying to use boring methods I met my GF, she is Chinese and I didn’t have other choices how to start to use a new language. After half a year when I met her, I still had big problems with English, but I found AJ Hoge. He is my «personal guru». He taught me how to learn a new language in a new way. This way is interesting and I never feel boring anymore.

As I mentioned I’m trying to learn English and I hope for your understanding if sometimes I would sound strange and funny. I want to ask you a favor, if you notice some grammar mistakes or strange words in my vocabulary, please correct me in the comments below. Thanks, guys, and let’s start to learn Russian.

My Reddit, where you can learn Russian with me and my Patreon where you can find the unique content


#1 Don’t try to memorize rules.

Don't try to memorize rules

Just ask yourself how did you learn your native language? When you were a baby parents gave you tons of books and you tried to learn the rules? Of course NOT! Do you think polyglots trying to memorize rules from each new language? I don’t think so.

Yes for someone grammar books can work well, but my point is to create a good source for people who don’t like grammar books and who feel boring while using them. Of course, sometimes you have to use the grammar book to check something but don’t need to memorize it. Better check it many many times instead of learning it. Your brain will learn new information unconsciously.

#2 Move your body while learning.

How to Learn Russian for Any Level

You can learn Russian while driving the car or while cycling. Maybe you like jogging so this is a good opportunity to add a new language to your life. This technique can save your time (you can do 2 things at the same time) and it would keep your energy at a high level.

Of course, if you are going somewhere by subway, train or car, moving your body could be the wrong advice. In this situation try to keep energy on a high level. For this, you can make a pause if you feel boring and change the activity. Feel boring? Turn off the audio and try to listen to the music or play some games or read some articles. Do whatever you want just don’t try to force yourself.

#3 Choose the right level of input.

Choose the right level of input

If you want to learn the Russian Language as fast as possible you have to understand more than 85% of the information. It means that from every 100 words you have to understand more than 85 words. Why it’s so important and how it can help you to learn faster?

Easy! Look, if you can understand only 50% you should use the dictionary or translator every second word, right? So how do you think how fast you can read or listen to something new? I know it would be very and very slow. And your brain has to hear or see the new word many many times before it can memorize without learning. So every second word is new and the brain has to analyze and memorize it. Sounds impossible.

When you will read or listen to the right input you will understand most of the words and when you will see the new word or phrase through the context your brain can understand the meaning. This way is so powerful and intreating. For example, I know some words in English, I know the meaning but IDK how to translate them to Russian. This is the magic of the right level of input.

#4 Add more listening and reading to your life.

Add more listening and reading to your life

Listening and reading are the most important things in a learning part. When I’m saying READING I mean reading something interesting for you, not reading grammar books.

Maybe you don’t know but reading even can replace a teacher. Sounds amazing but that’s true. You have to choose something that you would like. Don’t follow popular books or websites if they are not interesting to you. You have to enjoy of information on a new language. If you wouldn’t choose the right topic you will get boring.

Listening is almost the same as reading maybe even more convenient in our time. Anyway, I would recommend using both of them. For this, I would put all my videos on a YouTube channel «Learn Russian» with subtitles.

#5 Сonsistency equals success for language learners.

Сonsistency equals success for language learners

If you are serious about the Russian Language better if you would learn every day. Don’t miss even one day! Consistency is the main key to getting a new skill. Look at Elon Musk as an example. How he could reach such huge success? Because of consistency. Or look at one of the most famous polyglots James Augustine Aloysius Joyce he could speak 17 languages. Is this a magic trick? Of course not, he just practiced every day.

Don’t think that practice every day will take lots of time from you. For a good result, 1 hour per day is enough. Someone could say but I have to work and my family or my friends need me. As I mentioned in a second tip «Move your body while learning». Each person spends time on a road and this time you can use for learning Russian.

#6 Magic of repetition.

Magic of repetition

Repetitions are a very important part of studying any type of information. As a child how many times have you heard words until started to use them? In a new language, you are a kid. So don’t think you have to use a different way to learn it.

If you want to know something forever you have to go through it many many times. Just try to learn the same piece of text or the same few sentences every day for 7 or 10 days. I promise you would happy to figure out the result.

Repetition not only means listening, listening, and listening at the same time you have to speak after me or after the speaker. Of course, this advice will work for audios. While speaking try to copy everything: sounds, intonation, and pauses.

#7 Be patient.

Be patient

If Russian would be your second language I wanna say «good luck to you» cos the second language is an interesting and difficult trip. Be patient with yourself try to put more and more input into your brain. Don’t expect you will speak Russian after 1 week or 1 month. Yes, some words, phrases or even sentences you will speak after the first lesson. But for good communication is not enough, right?

I wanna suggest you read more about Kaizen, it’s a very interesting concept for improving any part of your life. If you will know more about the Kaizen you can reach your goal.

Best way to learn Russian?

The best way use stories, novels, and fairytales. Any type of content would be great if it’s easy and interesting for you. There are no exceptions you must understand more than 85% of the context.

Audio content would be better for you if you wanna learn a language for speaking. Try to choose the right level and study it every day. While listening repeat each word immediately after the speaker. Yes, it can seem strange and the first time you would make many mistakes but the result after 1-2 months will surprise you.

Don’t feel shy to speak with natives in Russian. I know that a first foreign language can create lots of problems for you. All the time you will try to speak your mother language. This time is most difficult. Try to use the new language from the first day. And please forget the idea you can sound funny or someone will think you are «silly or stupid».

I had this feeling when I tried to speak English even now I remember that time very well.

For the best way to learn Russian just follow all the steps and use language every day as more as possible.

How hard is it to learn Russian?

For me, Russian is easy, as English for you, but when we start to talk about a foreign language we try to make some problems for ourselves. And actually, I wanna ask you WHY?

Yes, WHY you try to ask this question «How hard is it»? How can you measure the hardness? If someone can give you an answer like «learn Russian harder for 20% than learn Chinese» will it make your life easier? Or maybe you will run to search for information about Chinese?

There is no answer to this question and actually, it would only stop your wish to learn something new. Be positive and try to find the best way to learn Russian and not find the hardness of studying it.

How long does it take to learn Russian?

Depends on your skill and other factors. I mean nobody can give you the right answer how long to learn Russian. Which level of Russian do you want? Beginner or intermediate or maybe advanced?

So many reasons why nobody can give you the answer. The main key to learning it will spend as much time as possible. Even one hour will put you closer to your goal. And if you wanna get the answer try to remake a question correctly.

For example: How long to learn Russian if study 2 hours every day?

This question can get a chance to find the answer. As an English learner, it took me a year to start speaking confidently on everyday topics. So if you wanna copy my result with Russian, please let me know in the comments below.

How can I learn Russian by myself?


There are two ways to learn Russian by yourself. The first is to try to learn Russian alphabet and then go to advance materials. Or you can use my favorite way and start from easy stories or easy sentences.

Just wanna make clear my idea. When I lived in China I worked in some kindergartens and kids start to learn English for 2 years without an alphabet, some of them can speak little in English after 1 or 2 years. And they can get this result cos they have 20-30 minutes of English classes 5 days per week.

To start to learn by yourself you can follow this plan:

  1. Choose an interesting topic;
  2. Be honest with you and find good materials for your level;
  3. Practice (listen, read and speak) every day for 30 minutes and longer;
  4. Come to the comments below after 1 month and share your result!

Best books to learn Russian

Do you remember this article for people who don’t like grammar books? And I wouldn’t suggest you read them, the next list includes only BEST books to learn Russian:

  1. If you have level A1 try to read book from «Shkatulochka».
    Download A1
  2. My favorite story «Porridge from an axe»

  3. «Masha and the Bear» most famous fairytaile in the world from Russia

  4. «Three bears» also famous and interesting book read it and listen it many times.

  5. «Turnip» I hope you heard about this story cos in my country it’s very common.

Best websites to learn Russian

I don’t like to learn a language through grammar rules, but it’s really difficult to find good websites with high-quality content.

  1. I think Russian Made Easy can be in the first place. The reason is simple, their blog is easy for understanding for beginners. To be honest they didn’t update content for already long time.
  2. Second place in a list of the best websites for Russian learners will get speakrussian. Cool website but the owner forget about it and that’s the biggest minus.
  3. Fluentli maybe even better than the two first resources, but for beginners can be quite difficult (my personal opinion).
  4. Real Russian Club is a cool tool for studying and practicing your Russian. I know that everyone tries to monetize their work, but those guys are crazy about monetization. This is why I put them in a fourth position.
  5. Russian with Max — great source but only for intermediate learners. Max has a cool vision about content and I like his topics. I would happy to work with him in the same area and hope in the future we can make something interesting together.

What is the quickest way to learn Russian?

The quickest way to learn something try to do it as more as possible. If we will talk about the language you have to use three main points: listening, reading, and speaking. Don’t complain if you don’t have native speakers next to you it’s not necessary.

You can listen to audio podcasts, watch youtube videos and always repeat after the speaker. That way will improve your skill like a language rocket. If you didn’t try this method yet, you wasted lots of time.

Now, take all your books and throw them into the garbage bin, time to boost your language skill. Open the browser and go to There you can find Russian audiobooks, podcasts, stories, or even articles.

If you have a starter or a beginner level, listening would be your best helper. Download files or add to bookmarks the website and use it for 1 or more hours per day. After a couple of months don’t forget to put your comment below to show people how that method worked.

Let’s summarize the quickest way in this shortlist:

  1. Find your real level of language;
  2. Identify interesting topics for you (cooking, sport, traveling whatever you like);
  3. Make a list of sources with audios and videos about your favorite niche in Russian;
  4. Listen it constantly every day for 30 minutes and more;
  5. Don’t except you can see the result after a few weeks, it doesn’t work like this.

How can start to learn Russian for free?

After when I found and learned Effortless System from AJ Hoge I opened for myself a new area. Before I thought that spending money can help me to learn something faster. OMG, I never forget this life lesson. I spent thousands of roubles just to prove myself that I’m trying my best.

We are living in a great time 21 century. You can learn almost any skill free on the internet. Especially a language. For great pronunciation enough to use the «Shadow technique». The main concept is to try to copy natives.

You can start to listen to my podcasts or videos on YouTube and try to copy my accent, intonation, and pauses. If you don’t like my voice or my methods you can find any other bloggers and use their materials, up to you!

Why learn Russian?

russian flag

If you are curious about the question «Is Russian a useful language to learn or not» this answer will explode your mind. The right answer is YES it’s useful and NO it’s useless.

Before I give you many reasons why learn Russian I wanna ask you to think about your real goal. If you are a traveler and you like Russia, wanna learn our culture, find a Russian wife/husband and try to live in some beautiful places for a while so this skill can help you to enjoy your trip.

To be honest with you not many Russian people can speak English, especially in the countryside finding someone who can speak English well can be an impossible task.

But if you wanna find a language to improve your life, I mean find a better job or you wanna get a chance to communicate with as many people as possible, Russian language not for you.

I don’t know the exact number but about 350 million people in our planet can speak Russian. This is a huge number but compare with Chinese or Spanish language or maybe Indian this number is not so competitive.

This is why learning Russian is a great idea:

  • You can read original of the most beautiful poetry and literature;
  • Travel not only in Russia but in other beautiful countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other countries that were in the Soviet Union;
  • Understand what people are saying in James Bond (joking);
  • After Russian other languages will be easy for learning;
  • Russian is a part of a big group of Slavik languages.
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Now you know how to learn Russian effortlessly and fun. If you appreciate this information, please don’t forget to put a comment below and send the article to your friends. Thank you!

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